The Prize of the French Renaissance

During our annual meeting, which is of outstanding importance for us within the ALTRAD Group, I was awarded one of the finest honors, that of being thanked for joining the Honorary Committee of the Languedoc Roussillon region of the French Renaissance.
I wished that this Gold Medal be delivered to me at our annual Group meeting. Just because it belongs to you all, both women and men of the Altrad group, as much as it belongs to me.
Our Altrad Group is built on the basis of a deep commitment, perpetual exchanges, undeniable success and you have been able to sustain and develop our cultural and human values over the years within what is now a genuine community that we all form together.
The Altrad Group today is constituted of the ingredients you brought, the experience, the courage, the quality of your expertise, its authenticity and generosity.

“It is to you, women and men of the Altrad group, that I dedicate this Gold Medal of the French Renaissance. I am very grateful, and I thank you all for creating the conditions for this Recognition to take place. Thank you so much”.

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