Say “no” to anti-Semitism

During the recent days, acts of anti-Semitism have multiplied in France: the profanation of a Jewish cemetery in Alsace, violent invectives to the address of the philosopher Alain Finkielkraut, but also these tags on the portraits of Simone Veil. Like thousands of people in the country, I want to react and protest against the multiplication of these acts.

As far as I am concerned, until I was 19, I lived in a country where we were taught that there was only one religion, and within that religion, only one branch; and that apart from Sunni Muslims, there were only people to hate.

But I want to say “no”. I have been living in Montpellier for years, and this city has taught me what was important: diversity, respect and, above all, the wealth represented by the other, all the others., I have forged this conviction. And since then, I have never departed from this throughout my journey. Ostracisation is always a stupidity and it acts against its own humanity. On the contrary, equality helps to build the future. We walk today, we remember tomorrow.

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