Montpellier : The big boss and the cheerful lad

Among the candidates for the municipal elections, two outsiders are extremely observed: the businessman Mohed Altrad and the activist Rémi Gaillard (now famous in France for his crazy movies on the Internet).

Mohed Altrad and Rémi Gaillard: the first one is a top-class public person, the second one claims to be irreverent. However, each one of them is now ready for  the municipal elections in Montpellier. And the least one can say about it, is that nobody saw them coming, but these two peculiar individuals have decided to be part of this political race and they sweat for that, having in mind that the first one wears an immaculate shirt, whereas the other one keeps his AC-DC t-shirt on every occasion.

Mohed Altrad was born in Syria, in a nomadic tribe; he is about seventy years old (the man ignores his precise date of birth, a particularity that also nurtures his legend). He is an orphan from the desert who managed to climb to the highest of the social ladder. Today, he is the leader of the Altrad empire, a specialist group that evolves in the scaffolding markets. And Altrad has decided to leave the financial area to get into politics. His purpose is simple : “Help restore trust and confidence within the city of Montpellier”. The project is not yet very detailed; however, the tone is clear: Mohed Altrad advances through this campaign carefully and sparingly.

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