Mohed Altrad: dare to be different

The adage that experiences, relationships and challenges all develop character, holds forever true. And society still expects boys to be tough intrinsically; be warriors and superheroes. It is what most young boys dream of. In reality, adversity, poverty, victimisation, discrimination have the potential to shatter any young boy’s desires, that leads to some boys never even aspiring to a dream.

The life story of Mohed Altrad has encouraged and inspired many to conquer their demons. An anecdotal account of Mohed’s resilience in overcoming adversity on a seemingly unlikely journey to success has been recognised and included in a compilation of tales aimed at educating young boys who need the courage to take a stand, reject peer pressure, or overcome the circumstances that prevent their big dreams coming true. Challenging the stereotypical masculinity mantra, Stories for Boys Who Dare to Be Different** offers a welcome alternative narrative filled with inspiring stories of unlikely and unsung heroes who dared to be different.

Mohed Altrad’s story finds itself in good company with an assortment of others from all walks of life.

** Number one Bestseller – Sunday Times
**Children’s book of the year – National Book Awards 2018

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