He is the "banker of the poor": Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, was in Montpellier where he met Mohed Altrad

Muhammad Yunus spoke on October 9 at the Summit of Mayors who signed the Pact of Milan held in Montpellier. During this same day, he met Mohed Altrad as part of the creation of the Yunus Centre, set up in collaboration with Montpellier Business School (as the Chair Social Entrepreneurship and Inclusion is a strong pillar of this forthcoming centre).

The economist, who invented microcredit, has explained the importance of rebuilding the financial system to redefine its real priorities: "My main message is that the world is running out of steam. It is time to do something to prevent this from happening. There is absolute urgency. If we keep talking and doing nothing, we are finished". His vision and philosophy are close to those of Mohed Altrad: "When I set up microcredit, it was because I saw that my compatriots in Bangladesh were able to do a lot, with little money. And that's how I started lending money, "he explains simply.

Today, he shares the same message with Mohed Altrad: "We must act and stop talking."

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