Daring to Compete

One of the traits that set the greatest entrepreneurs apart from the rest is the ability to view challenges as opportunities to accelerate growth. Coupled with a strong sense of purpose to build a better world, Mohed Altrad’s energy, determination, resilience, values, and his respectful approach to people, diversity and culture have all been significant drivers in the success story of the Altrad Group.

As the winner of the coveted EY World Entrepreneur of the Year award in in 2015, Mohed Altrad is one of the 15 ‘best of the best’ whose inspirational journey to global success has been included in the book ‘Daring to compete’. Drawing on the research of the global organization EY and the renowned EY Entrepreneur of the Year program, the book aims to equip entrepreneurs, from emerging to market leaders, with information, insight, and a proven model to fast-track growth towards competing and succeeding on global scale.

Daring to compete was compiled by Diane Foremen, Bryan Pearce and Geoffrey Godding and published by John Wiley & Sons.

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