Badawi is now available in German

Badawi is the story of the apprenticeship of a desert child who goes to study abroad and then works in an oil company. Tired of the life imposed on him, he leaves for France to become someone else: from the Bedouin orphan to the engineer and finally to the successful businessman.

Published with great success in France, Badawi, which was Mohed Altrad's first novel, is now available in German.

The novel was presented on the occasion of the Frankfurt Book Fair. Here is the beautiful literary review from magazine:

‘There are few books that carry an inner light, and even fewer books that can change lives forever. 'Badawi' brings the two together and it is even more than that: it is a book that gives courage to fight for your dreams, a plea for more humanity in this world, and ultimately almost also a tender declaration of love to Syria. With this book, Mohed Altrad achieved something extraordinary. Such literary delight is rare in a library. Reading the pages, the reader's eyes fill with tears and at the same time he has a happy smile on his lips.

Because what he holds in his hands is literature that warms the heart and entertains at the same time. It remains in memory for a long time and beyond, in the heart. Thank you for this gift!

If you want to read a novel right now, it must absolutely be “Badawi” Mohed Altrad is proving himself to be an author of the “1001 Nights” tradition while staying connected to the modern world.

It is almost as if between the two cover pages of the book, the West and the East meet. This is what makes reading so unique, simply beautiful. And also shows that the author is able, through silent words, to shout so loudly. Anything is possible, when you believe in it and when you fight to achieve it. ''

written by Anja Rosenthal

Available in German:

We wish BADAWI great success in Germany.

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