Awarding of the Doctor Honoris Causa distinction to Mohed Altrad

On March 20, 2024, Mohed Altrad was awarded the Doctor Honoris Causa distinction during a ceremony organised by the Lyon Business School. An honorary diploma awarded to President Altrad for his exceptional, unique, and inspiring journey, especially significant as it was received by a predominantly young audience of students in search of role models and guidance.

Several speeches were delivered in honor of Mohed Altrad within the school premises, notably one by Thierry Braillard (former French Minister of Sports), who highlighted four important points regarding the life journey of the honoree, as "he represents not only values but also messages":

  • The will of men must prevail over the inevitability of circumstances.
  • One should not set limitations for oneself.
  • It is important to lead a rich life in all its aspects (like Altrad, who is both a business leader, writer, president of a Top 14 rugby club, a family man, and a sports enthusiast).
  • Transmission, which should guide each of us to convey ideas, support, and inspire others...

And Mohed Altrad concluded: "One must adapt, persevere, never give up. Stay true to yourself, do not limit yourself. You can do anything, everything is possible. My story proves it to you."

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