Altrad supports an important cause: the prevention of violence against women.

The subject of gender diversity and equality improvement is of great importance for Altrad. And in this respect, during the Covid period, it appeared natural to raise awareness when it comes to a subject which is directly linked to this: combating domestic violence against women.

Altrad has decided to support two women, Séverine and Anna, who are participating in the ‘NO MAN’S RAID’ that is taking place this week in the South-East of France (between Bourg-Saint-Maurice and Menton).

This car raid has a unique profile in the world of races. It is intended to carry a strong message: “we have to take measures to prevent such violence and to protect the victims”.

The amounts that Altrad and other sponsors offered will be used to finance a dedicated medical centre (named VIVO) that aims to provide medical, therapeutic, and legal care for women victims of domestic violence.

Séverine and Anna, the two friends comprising the 4L - “Born to Raid” team supported by Altrad, said: “As women and mothers, we are very concerned about the situation of women in our country. In 2019, 146 women were killed by their partner or ex-partner among 213,000 victims of violence.. Domestic violence has increased by at least 36% during the period of confinement due to Covid-19. The Altrad Group's action has been very important to us. The contribution made, which is significant on our scale, has made it possible to obtain other funding elsewhere, which will directly impact the support for women at a local level”.

Fully aware and sensitive to the plight of women in these situations, Mohed Altrad commented: “It is a natural and normal cause to defend. This initiative makes sense as it raises awareness on this subject. But, at personal level, we must all fully address gender-based violence in all its forms and take measures to prevent such violence, protect the victims and prosecute the perpetrators”.

Ran Oren, Altrad Group co-CEO added: “We wanted to make our contribution to improve the situation through this outstanding adventure: our Altrad-team duet, Severine and Anna, carry a strong message that we are delighted to support. Our Group encourages opportunity for all, and we hope our backing will make a difference to the affected women”.

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