Altrad, a stakeholder in solidarity after the disaster in Bata, Equatorial Guinea

The Bata explosions were a series of five explosions that occurred on 7 March 2021 in a military barracks in the Nkoa Ntoma district of Bata, the largest city and former capital of Equatorial Guinea. At least 108 people died in the explosions and 615 others were injured.

The disaster triggered a general wave of emotion and solidarity. The French community and French companies in Equatorial Guinea were quick to support the affected population.

The companies and members of the French community gathered, thanks to a WhatsApp group, around a collective project: "BATA French Solidarity", which includes different initiatives:

  • A collection of clothes, in association with the French high school in Malabo which served as a warehouse.
  • A financial collection, having reached more than 10 million CFA francs, led by several French companies, including the Altrad group via its subsidiary 'Prezioso Equatorial Guinea’. It was also agreed by all the French companies involved to respond to the immediate needs of the population, but also to make a longer-term commitment by helping the children and staff of the orphanage run by the Remmar association (partially destroyed by the explosions).

Beyond the emergency, the idea is to contribute to a reconstruction project of the orphanage. We will keep you informed!

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